Monday, February 1, 2010

If Everyone Cared

Back at the beginning of January I joined Hip Mountain Mama's challenge to make One Small Change each month from January to April 22 (Earth Day). My change for the beginning of 2010 was to use only reusable grocery bags. You can read my post about it here.

I think it was a pretty easy choice for the first month since we certainly have plenty of bags around the house that we've used off and on but not really consistently. The only real hurdle seems to be the mean/confused looks I get sometimes when I put them up on the counter. Oh well! Maybe it will be a reminder to others to try this option instead of choosing to add to the billions of plastic bags that have been used this year.

Here are the bags we used during our last foray to Dee's least favorite place on the planet:

This is my favorite, simply because it's pink and Barb got it for me when I was visiting this summer!

Honestly, a few plastic bags did sneak their way in to the house, but it was still such a minimal amount compared to our usual; maybe about 10 in all. Of course, they always get repurposed anyway so that helps some.

So now, on to February's challenge! This month I will not drink out of anything that can be thrown away, like styrofoam cups at work for sodas or paper cups for my coffee. This will be a bit of a challenge because plastic bottles have a way of sneaking up on you and if we do stop for an occasional fast food meal I'm not sure how to handle drinking there. Regardless I will do my very best to institute this new rule as well as continue with the new habit from last month. Lots of luck to anyone who is making One Small Change with me this month!

And as we lie beneath the stars we realize how small we are...

I hope you'll take a moment to share in the comments section any small changes that you are undertaking to help make this world a better place!


Jess said...

Hey love,
I'm so proud of you taking this challenge! I use my canvas bags at the store as well. We also refill our water jugs at Wegmans and carry our SWIG or Nalgenes around with us, refilling them as needed. (This could help for when you stop to eat as well). We just generally try to reuse as much as we can to cut down on waste. Great work!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

It's so great to hear Jan went well. I kind of like those weird looks I get some times when I pull out my bags (although it doesn't happen very much anymore). Sounds like you are on the fore front where you live and setting a good example! I love your Feb change. I love that it includes so many things all in one...You might want to try bringing your own mug in the car for those random stops. Can't wait to hear how it goes!!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

That's a good idea (the changes per month)! I have reusable Whole Foods bags, but for some reason it took a long time for it to occur to me to bring them into other stores. And then again, I need the disposable, plastic bags for emptying kitty litter.

This is the first school year I abandoned plastic water bottles. I bought the Sigg for my kids, but they don't even use them! I guess they dehydrate all day. I use mine though, and my fiancee uses my son's so SOMEBODY'S getting use out of them AND we're saving crates & crates of plastic water bottles. It's just that I don't think my kids could possibly be drinking enough during the day.