Saturday, September 6, 2008

Only Time

Well, I had initially planned to serenade you with one of the greatest 80's hair bands of all time, Warrent, but apparently YouTube was having none of that!

I then tried to link a little quizy-poo that I took entitled "What Flavor of Pie are You?", which is the reason I was rocking out to Warrent...of "Cherry Pie" fame for those of you that aren't getting up there in age like yours truly! Perhaps you're so young you don't even know the difference between a "hair band" and a "hairband"! But I digress...

The cute little quiz decided that 1.) It doesn't like me 2.) Since I'm starting Weight Watchers on Monday I shouldn't be tempting myself with anything remotly related to pie or 3.) It just didn't want to be on my little ol' there!

Anywho, according to the quiz I'm just your run of the mill apple pie! All-American and sweet as that may be, I was certain I'd get something a little fancier than that! Hmmph! Fine, I didn't want to take your silly quiz anyway! Take that apple pie, in all your warm, calorie-filled goodness!

Soooo...I had to pick a new song to share with you today. I chose Enya's "Only Time" since it speaks to where my life is right now, especially in regards to my mindset regarding our fertility struggles and how much I'm aching for the chance to be a mommy while so many of my friends are getting pregnant. Also, my bridesmaids walked down the aisle to it at our wedding, it's in one of my favorite movies (Sweet November) and Dee and I both love Enya. What other reasons do you need then that???

For me, this is a song of hope, a song of the unknown and the potential for every new minute to take you down a detour in your life to someplace you never thought you'd go.

Monday I'm starting down an "old" road in that my friend Kristen has convinced me to try Weight Watchers again. I've "been there and done that" several times before, but Kristen has a very great motivating personality, so I know that she'll use it to keep me going!

Hopefully that road will lead me to the next stop in finding myself...the place where I get to know the purest joy; the joy of bringing a child into the world.

Please keep both Dee and I in your thoughts and prayers as we travel down this road together. I'm so blessed to share this journey with him. I know that his hands will both hold me and hold me up, nowhere where the road goes...

"And who can say where the road goes,
Where the day flows?
Only time..."

Monday, September 1, 2008

All Summer Long

Poor grammar, drug references and scantily clad women...what more could someone ask for in a video?!?! Seriously though, I admit that this song is not the best of example of musical genius, but it has a catchy beat and you can dance to it. Well, at least it's got that going for it! To be honest though, it does get stuck in your head!

To be truthful, I have to admit that I LOVE Fall and regardless of what the calendar might say, September 1rst is when Autumn officially starts in my book. Besides a new school starting it also means the crisp smells, beautiful colors and pumpkins. I LOVE pumpkins! Not pumpkin pie and other edible uses for pumpkins, just the pumpkins themselves!

I can't wait to start decorating! I suppose I should hold off a few more weeks to avoid people looking at me a little strangely. Imagine that-my neighbors looking at ME strangely! Don't let me get started on the fine citizens of my neighborhood. Even Mr. Rogers would find little to sing about around here...but I digress.

Labor Day was quiet in the Nelson household. I worked on my school website a bit (In actuality it was about half an hour, but that's just between you and me! Shhhh!) but spent most of my day reading through a new green blog that I found:

They had an interesting challenge a couple months ago where readers tried to minimize their trash to a can a month for disposal. What a great idea! Unfortunately, I just don't feel that we're ready for that yet. Currently, we aren't recycling much since I only found out today where there is a local drop-off (Yes, I truly do feel shame considering we've been here over five years and I'm just learning such things TODAY!) but I do reuse much of my packaging and such for my classroom. I use many things in the housekeeping area as environmental print and real world objects for the kids to play with.

I'm going to try and focus on reducing as a compromise over the next few months. Namely, I plan to start using the abundance of extra teacher bags I have as grocery bags so that we don't have tons of plastic ones piling up. In addition, I'm going to focus on purchasing things that come with minimal packaging. The benefits of this will be twofold in that many products that require excess packaging are ones that we don't need to be eating/drinking anyway (read "processed") and will also take up less space in our trash can as foods in a more natural state generally don't need additional packaging.

Hopefully The Veggie Van will continue making it's rounds a bit longer so that we can take advantage of that as well.

In conjunction with all of this, I am also planning on taking a BIG step (in more ways than one) to lose this weight in preparation for my appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist on November 3rd. Starting tomorrow I plan to walk to and from work. Hopefully this will help both my waistline and save some gas too.

I'm also going to use Sparkpeople to track my food. I've packed my lunch for tomorrow and I'm trying really hard to get more fruits and veggies in. I can't have an excuse; I've GOT to do this!

On that note, I need to be heading to bed! I have my alarm set for 6:30 in hopes that I'll be up and ready to go no later than 7:15.

Please keep me in your thoughts and help me remember to have patience as I take another step through this journey called "life".

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lightning Crashes

I've been working diligently on my new web page today. Never mind that I'm really should be working on my school website or at least doing some housework! Procrastination at it's best!

Dee heads back to work tonight after having two days off with me and hopefully we'll get to spend some time together tomorrow as well since I'm off for Labor Day. I've thoroughly enjoyed our time together while we celebrated my late birthday.

We had initially intended to go to
Yamoto's (the local Japanese steakhouse) for some much anticipated sushi, but I changed my mind and decided on Outback thinking it might be a bit cheaper. Well, phooey on me! It was actually more expensive! Crazy!

Yesterday we also took in a movie at the theatre in
Farmville. Why is it that my birthday movies generally end up being heinous? Perhaps I should have gone with my original choice of Tropic Thunder but chose Mirrors instead. Meeh...not AWFUL (ala Wicker Man, which was my birthday choice a few years ago) and even Dee jumped a few times, but nothing great either. Sigh...of course nothing has compared to Mama Mia which I saw twice! I'm so anxious for that to come out on DVD!

While Hurricane Gustav continues to grow and New Orleans is currently being evacuated we have had several days of storms. I fear for all those families in New Orleans who are just now starting to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Katrina but the government seems to be taking more preemptive measures this time so I hope that will help.

This week another of my college friends (Todd) joined
Facebook and in addition, posted a few pictures from our days at SUNY Potsdam! It was neat to see how young we all looked! It got me thinking about some of the neat things we did together while in school, including seeing LIVE in concert. So, my video for today in reminiscent of that:

Seriously though; I'm amazed when I listen to this song now how icky some parts are!
Ahhh, to be young and slightly more naive again!