Monday, January 4, 2010

Song for a Winter's Night

It certainly is COLD out there and seems like it will be for awhile. Possible snow flurries in the morning, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Really not too much to report overall today. It was a good day back; I was busy with testing and glad to see my kiddos.

Dee's taking his nap already in preparation for work tonight and I plan to follow him relatively soon. Hope to get a little more knitting done tonight as well as an episode or two of something on Netflix. I don't miss having TV too much, but there are a few shows I'm glad we can access online (LOST, House, Monk, Psych). The end of my day now seems complete knitting away in front of the computer.

On that note, we watched the first two episodes of True Blood last night. I really liked it, but that's kind of a given since there are vampires involved. :-) I can't wait for the next disk to arrive!

I think tonight I'll try and watch the Discovery Channel special on Secret Societies that I've been eying in my queue. Squeal!!!

In keeping with my Project 365 plans, here are a few pictures from my day:

Dee and I; he's trying not to look like he's forcing a smile...just in case you couldn't tell. ;-)

Nalla's not just a knitting kitty, she's a techie kitty too!

Nalla and her Dada:

I would be happy just to hold the hand I love on this winter's night with you...

Goodnight friends; I hope on this winter's night that you have someone special to hold your hand...<3

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