Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Geek in the Pink

Though he would never be caught wearing pink (GASP!) there is no question that I married my very own personal geek!

This was the excitement in our house yesterday:

What's in the booox??? What's in the boooooox??? Sorry personal joke: Warning, it is not kid appropriate!

Sorry, where were we? Oh yeah...so, this was what was really in there:

Caffeinated Goodies, including Mana Potion
See those cute little bottles there on the left? Yeah, that's "Mana" from World of Warcraft (yep, he's one of those GAMING geeks). Guess how much it cost...go ahead...guess. $20 bucks! Thank goodness for gift certificates!

A Gadget and Some Other Gadget
What do they do? I don't know...geeky stuff. Something about memory and static and blah, blah, blah...I'm a bit of a geek myself and even I was like...ZzzzzZZzzzz...

But look at how happy he was to get all his geeky goodness!

By the way, that hoodie he's wearing is just another testament to his geekiness. Really? Who needs that many pockets?!?! My geek of course! How else can he keep all his gadgets close at hand? (Thank goodness for my parents who love and support Dee's gadget habit!)

So, not only did I say "I do" to a sweet, kind and caring man who is allergic to chocolate and dairy products but eats them with wild abandon, a man who does the dishes, supports all MY habits (did you read my last post???) and loves cats too, I also married a geek; the only one I want to live long and prosper with.

Because of him I can truly appreciate:

Geek in the Pink (Darn you YouTube for disabling embedding on this!)

This one describes him almost to a "T"! Well, except for the "white" part of course... :smirk: I actually find it hilarious because I see so much that reminds me of him in the video. When I showed it to him again the other day his response was, "Hmmm...I've been wondering where my Klingon dictionary went."

Finally, I know that I can appreciate some of his geekiness because I am have a little bit of a geeky soul myself. I'm forever grateful that someone I love can appreciate the greatness that is Jonathan Coulton (JoCo to those who know him well...and his stalkerish fans.) So, I leave you with one of our favorite selections from this geek rock great:

I love you Code Monkey, with your big, warm, fuzzy secret heart.

Are YOU too married to a geek or do you pride yourself on knowing the difference between RAM and ROM? Why don't you share some geeky greatness in the comments section?


Denise said...

Cute post! I'm definitely not married to a geek, but my daughter is!!


Jenn said...

LOL! Thanks Denise! Geeks are the best; of course I'm a little biased! ;)