Tuesday, September 7, 2010

walk this way

Today, in an effort to work on getting healthier before we start our treatments, I took a little walk.

I was worried about losing motivation once I got home and sat down, so after a few minutes of chatting with Dee I headed out the door, still in my work clothes!

It was beautiful out today; my weather app. said it was 90 but it certainly didn't feel that hot.  There was a nice breeze and the sky was a beautiful blue.

What really helped pass the time was listening to my iPod and I actually enjoyed looking for new things to come back later and take pictures of.

The only bad part of my time was that my earbuds kept falling out!  I could never wear the ones that came with my iPod Touch because they just wouldn't fit in my ears.  So, we bought these cute PINK ones.  Guess what...smallest size cover and they are STILL too big!  {hmmph}  Of all the parts of my body that could be small, I get blessed with small EAR HOLES!  Maybe that's a good reason to give Dee when he says I don't listen!  :-)

So, day one of "Walk around the Block" down and tomorrow is a new day!  Wish me luck!!!  Hopefully I'll stay motivated enough to walk this way everyday!

Perhaps you would like to leave a comment in that lonely little section down there and tell me what motivates you!!!  I'd love to hear your tips!


Melissa said...

My health motivates me. I keep telling myself that I'm doing it so I don't have to be on yet another medication. Also I feel so much better when I stay active. You can do this! I look forward to seeing your pics -- what kind of camera do you have?

Tania said...

You know you're going to get a smart comment from me, right? A break from my noisy household motivates me...well it would if I walked! :) Provided that I could sneak out of the house without being noticed! Luv you! Stay encouraged!!

kymmie said...

I walk 2.5 miles a night Sunday through Thursday. My motivation: I do not sleep as well or feel as energetic when I skip days. Also, I just love the cool night air, listening to music and all the animals I see at the track - skunks, deer, cats, opossums...I create playlists on my ipod just for walking to...
Keep up the good work! Yay, Jennifer!

Jenn said...

Thank you for all the words of encouragement friends!

Kymmie: I would love to know what songs you have on your playlists! I'm always looking for new ones. Eventually, I think as a reward to myself I might get one of those arm band things to hold my iPod because right now I carry it in my hand and it sometimes moves on the the next song when I swing my arms...SO annoying, especially when it's a good song!