Sunday, January 16, 2011

i and love and you

I know I've been a neglectful blogger as of late, though that is often the way for me.  I'm going to try VERY hard this year to at least post once a week...more if the urge strikes, but I hate feeling obligation rather than enjoyment from it.

So, to ease into a new year, I thought I would share a top 10 list of things I am loving as of late; kind of a fun way to update everyone on things going on in my little corner of planet Earth.

1-This blanket in Sage, which was a Christmas present.  It is, quite possibly, the softest thing I have EVER felt!  I'm actually going to forgo the top sheet on our bed and use this in it's place because it's so nice to snuggle down under.

2-These books, which have been making the rounds among my group of friends.  I've read the first three so far and I actually think they get better with each new one! 

3-These girls: The Chapter Chicks Book Club is a small group on Facebook of some of my dearest friends who all are proud to call themselves bookworms.  We have had the best time over the past week, just talking about books (from our favorites to flops), getting to know each other better and finding a respite amidst the sometimes chaotic days in our lives.  I'm so excited to come home to new updates and anxious to see where that day's conversations will lead.  Oh, and to find out about new books to add to my list of "Must Reads" of course...

4-This show, even though we just started watching it on Netflix last night.  Dee and I both love that period of history; granted, the show isn't always historically accurate but the costumes, characters and scenery are all beautiful to look at and the storyline is filled with drama.  I can't wait to get to the next episode!!!  Wait, what?  No, no...he has NOTHING to do with why I watch!!!

Well, okay...maybe just a little bit... ;-)

5-This scarf that I've had for several years and have just started wearing as of late.  I got it at Northshire Bookstore in Manchester Center, Vermont, which I have to say is my favorite bookstore EVER.  Such a cozy place with a phenomenal children's section and fabulous nooks and crannies hiding all sorts of books, unique merchandise and music.  Seriously, you HAVE to click on the link and watch the video or preview the pictures.  It's a little piece of Heaven here on Earth...

6-These blogs: I've been going through and sorting out some blogs that don't hold my interest so much anymore.  I want to be sure that I can follow the ones I truly love; the ones that help enhance my life, through inspiration and joy.  So, after cutting my list almost in half, here are my top few: Soule Mama, Enjoying the Small Things, Offbeat Mama, Walk Slowly, Live Wildly, Quite Contrary and Boho Girl.  These are the ones I make sure to read on a regular basis...the ones that bring a smile to my face and a song to my soul. 

7-This man:

Look how cute he is in his dress shirt, after working two full time jobs this week, yet still willing to pose with his new book!  <3  Just in case you're wondering, which you might be if you're a Jedi geek like my sweet hubby, here is the book he saved up his gift certificates for...this isn't him in the video, but he would be just as excited to show it to you! 

8-These yummies: Bear Creek Creamy Potato soup (I add real bacon bits and cheddar cheese...heavenly!) and McDonald's Hazelnut Iced Coffee with extra syrup...fabulous!!!

9-This necklace and the idea of a word of the year...I haven't decided on my word yet, but I'm pondering it.  I'm also praying 2011 will be the year I can get one from The Vintage Pearl that says exactly this...

10-This song: Granted, it isn't a new Avett Brothers song, but it is one of my favorites and seems the perfect one to round out my top 10 list...

So, what's topping YOUR list so far this year?  Or perhaps you've already pondered and decided on your "Word of the Year" for 2011.  I hope you'll take a minute to share in the comments section!!!

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