Saturday, September 6, 2008

Only Time

Well, I had initially planned to serenade you with one of the greatest 80's hair bands of all time, Warrent, but apparently YouTube was having none of that!

I then tried to link a little quizy-poo that I took entitled "What Flavor of Pie are You?", which is the reason I was rocking out to Warrent...of "Cherry Pie" fame for those of you that aren't getting up there in age like yours truly! Perhaps you're so young you don't even know the difference between a "hair band" and a "hairband"! But I digress...

The cute little quiz decided that 1.) It doesn't like me 2.) Since I'm starting Weight Watchers on Monday I shouldn't be tempting myself with anything remotly related to pie or 3.) It just didn't want to be on my little ol' there!

Anywho, according to the quiz I'm just your run of the mill apple pie! All-American and sweet as that may be, I was certain I'd get something a little fancier than that! Hmmph! Fine, I didn't want to take your silly quiz anyway! Take that apple pie, in all your warm, calorie-filled goodness!

Soooo...I had to pick a new song to share with you today. I chose Enya's "Only Time" since it speaks to where my life is right now, especially in regards to my mindset regarding our fertility struggles and how much I'm aching for the chance to be a mommy while so many of my friends are getting pregnant. Also, my bridesmaids walked down the aisle to it at our wedding, it's in one of my favorite movies (Sweet November) and Dee and I both love Enya. What other reasons do you need then that???

For me, this is a song of hope, a song of the unknown and the potential for every new minute to take you down a detour in your life to someplace you never thought you'd go.

Monday I'm starting down an "old" road in that my friend Kristen has convinced me to try Weight Watchers again. I've "been there and done that" several times before, but Kristen has a very great motivating personality, so I know that she'll use it to keep me going!

Hopefully that road will lead me to the next stop in finding myself...the place where I get to know the purest joy; the joy of bringing a child into the world.

Please keep both Dee and I in your thoughts and prayers as we travel down this road together. I'm so blessed to share this journey with him. I know that his hands will both hold me and hold me up, nowhere where the road goes...

"And who can say where the road goes,
Where the day flows?
Only time..."


Anonymous said...

I wish you nothing but the best of luck at Weight Watchers. I know you can do this! You'll "look so good you'll make a grown man cry"! Love ya!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck with WW! Great song, even if it wasn't the first choice for tihs post, her voice is amazing. ((hugs))!! Can't wait to hear about how great you look!!

Chanel said...

Good luck with WW and your journey! And I love Enya - Only Time is one of my favs of hers!

Anonymous said...

Enya's awesome! I love the 80's bands! Good luck with your Weight Watchers! I hope it helps with your infertility problems, too! I struggled with infertility for a year and a half, and I know how heart-wrenching it can be when all of your friends are getting pregnant- especially when they weren't even trying. Infertility isn't something I would wish on a decent person. Why can't the child abusers and druggies be the ones who are inflicted?

Francine said...

Good luck! I´ll keep you in my thoughts!

The Empty Envelope said...

Good luck with WW!!! I love that Enya song as well.