Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lightning Crashes

I've been working diligently on my new web page today. Never mind that I'm really should be working on my school website or at least doing some housework! Procrastination at it's best!

Dee heads back to work tonight after having two days off with me and hopefully we'll get to spend some time together tomorrow as well since I'm off for Labor Day. I've thoroughly enjoyed our time together while we celebrated my late birthday.

We had initially intended to go to
Yamoto's (the local Japanese steakhouse) for some much anticipated sushi, but I changed my mind and decided on Outback thinking it might be a bit cheaper. Well, phooey on me! It was actually more expensive! Crazy!

Yesterday we also took in a movie at the theatre in
Farmville. Why is it that my birthday movies generally end up being heinous? Perhaps I should have gone with my original choice of Tropic Thunder but chose Mirrors instead. Meeh...not AWFUL (ala Wicker Man, which was my birthday choice a few years ago) and even Dee jumped a few times, but nothing great either. Sigh...of course nothing has compared to Mama Mia which I saw twice! I'm so anxious for that to come out on DVD!

While Hurricane Gustav continues to grow and New Orleans is currently being evacuated we have had several days of storms. I fear for all those families in New Orleans who are just now starting to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Katrina but the government seems to be taking more preemptive measures this time so I hope that will help.

This week another of my college friends (Todd) joined
Facebook and in addition, posted a few pictures from our days at SUNY Potsdam! It was neat to see how young we all looked! It got me thinking about some of the neat things we did together while in school, including seeing LIVE in concert. So, my video for today in reminiscent of that:

Seriously though; I'm amazed when I listen to this song now how icky some parts are!
Ahhh, to be young and slightly more naive again!

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dg said...

I love the design on your blog...especially the bird at the top. Very cool! House and school work can sometimes wait a bit...